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1502 NW 6th Street
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At Brave Space we strive to design and fabricate our goods in ways that have a positive effect on our world. Designing to maximize functionality in a variety of spaces, we persist in developing innovative and durable furnishings using clean materials and advanced manufacturing methods, while also striving to use new, sustainable materials as they become available to the market.

American-FOCUSED Material SOURCING  |  Manufactured in the USA                    HIGH QUALITY HANDCRAFTED ProdUCTS




Plyboo is made from 100% rapidly renewable bamboo, using adhesives that are both strong and emissions free. Read below for more information about the various types of Bamboo Plywood. /  Smith and Fong 

Certified PLYWOOD & Hardwood

A certified product has been harvested and produced in a stringently eco-sensitive manner. Among others we use materials from Columbia Forest Products and Finland Color Plywood Corporation. We source any available certified hardwoods to incorporate into our growing product line and custom projects.

Powder Coated Steel  

Most people are not aware that steel companies have been recycling for over 150 years and most steel products contain between 25% - 100% recycled content. The steel powder-coating process has very little toxicity compared to solvent based processes and much of the powder over-spray is collected and reused.


Finishes, Glues & Adhesives  
At Brave Space Design we use only paints, stains, adhesives, and sealants with low or zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds). We finish most products with a water-based spray finish. 

We optimize our use of materials, thereby minimizing the amount of waste and scrap in the manufacturing process. One of the main ways that we do this is by utilizing state of the art CNC (computer numerically controlled) milling to nest the parts on our cut-sheets as tightly as possible. This increases precision and accuracy in manufacturing as well as decreases the lead time for the customer.

Local Suppliers and Manufacturers
All materials are supplied by local distributors for our Brave Space Products. All finishers and manufacturers that we work with on various Brave Space Design projects are located in Florida.

Carbon Neutrality  
As part of our greenhouse gas emissions reduction strategy we purchase verified carbon credits through Native Energy and the U.S. Forest Service to offset 100% of emissions that we cannot avoid – in effect becoming carbon neutral.


about bamboo


Here are the variations in the construction of Bamboo Plywood:  

Three-Ply Construction: 

The most common is our three-ply construction that has been in use since 1996. This 
construction employs a perpendicular core running the width of the panel. The core is constructed 
of multiple strips of bamboo. These strips are laminated into a single-piece core board. The 
surface plies are assembled in a similar fashion and laminated to top and bottom with grain 
running the length of the panel to complete the three-ply construction.  

Linear Construction: 

Linearly laminated panels come in two types: edge-grain “single-ply” lamination and a four-ply 
linear lamination where in both constructions all the strips are running the length of the panel with 
no inner cross-ply core. 

Edge Linear Construction: 

With the edge-grain construction, and working with a strip that is ¼” thick (edge) and ¾” wide 
(face), multiple strips are laminated face to face, (the ¾ face) so that when fully laminated the 
surface expresses the ¼” edge-grain of the bamboo strip giving it a distinctive linear look.  

Flat Linear Construction: 

The linear 4-ply lamination method employs the same dimension of strip as above but is 
laminated edge-to-edge exposing the ¾ face of the strip in a 4x8 panel. These 4x8 panels are 
then laminated ply upon ply in a linear, not perpendicular fashion, to create this look and design.